The Role of Private Prep Schools In University Preparations

If you are considering a prep school for your high schooler, there are many factors to take into consideration. Prep schools have earned a long-standing reputation for being feeder schools into the best colleges and universities across the world. Private prep schools play a strong role in preparing their students for university study and are highly sought after by parents who want top-notch training for their children.

Admissions Selectivity

One of the main reasons that prep schools are able to maintain an environment that is conducive to excellence is their policies on adhering to strict admissions criteria. There is often a rigorous testing and admissions process that is required of all students before they are allowed to attend. This weeds out students that would detract from the learning process and fosters a community of scholars.

First Rate Faculty

Just as the students are hand-picked from the cream of the crop, so are the faculty and staff. Private preparatory schools choose only the most well-educated teachers and staff to shape the minds of their students. This gives the students the advantage of learning from the best of the best. These educators are often trained at the top universities themselves, and bring not only their education but their connections into the classroom. Preparatory school classrooms are often home to former business owners, authors and professors, making them a priceless value for the money.

Challenging Subjects and Rigorous Coursework

One of the most common facets of private preparatory school life is challenging coursework that is not found elsewhere. Students can often be seen studying advanced Latin, complex mathematics and engaging in intensive scientific study. Students often study in classes that span several hours. In some cases, the school year extends year-round, immersing the students in their coursework. These students often compete against each other to achieve, fostering a friendly sense of competition that will benefit them in university study.

Extracurricular Activities

Private preparatory schools are better able to prepare their students for university life with engaging extracurricular activities. It is not unsual for students to participate in college-level debate teams, international study abroad programs and intense science competitions. While there are often sports programs for private preparatory students, the focus is solidly on academia and preparing for university study.

College Admissions Assistance and Standardized Test Preparation

When it is time for these students to attend college, they have a team of knowledgeable career planners, counselors and administrators who will push them in the right direction for success. Rigorous study for standardized testing, intense coaching in essay writing and a focus on portfolio building is the norm in these schools. The push to get every graduate in a university program is built into the school philosophy, and these schools pull out all the stops for their students.

Private preparatory schools are not just institutions of learning, they are investments. The parents of these students understand the value of a good education and will go to great lengths to ensure that their children have a leg up in life.