Tips For College Grads In Building A Successful Career

Recent college graduates, and those who plan to graduate in the coming year, have been lucky enough to be in school during the economic crisis. Many have come from supportive families and communities, and even more have had many luxuries throughout a great deal of their lives (big screen TVs, cell phones, car access, etc.). So, when they head to job interviews or start their first job in their career, many graduates experience shock as to what is appropriate and accepted in today’s work environment versus what they experienced in school. These career tips for college grads can help them recognize ways to act and appear professional without losing their sense of self.

Simple Career Tips For College Grads

There are a lot of available career tips; for college grads, however, starting a career is a different experience from those who have been employed by an industry for many years.

Social media sites can be a great way to share your experiences and keep in touch with friends and family, but don’t let potential or current employers see your pages. Change the privacy settings from public or remove anything that could be offensive, derogatory, or that makes you seem irresponsible, lazy, or an overall poor job candidate (like that photo of a keg stand). Once you’ve landed the job, don’t add your boss, no matter how cool he or she appears. In fact, it’s a good idea to steer clear of adding any co-workers, unless you can limit what they are able to see, such as is the case on Google+.

Understand that you probably won’t work at your first job forever. Whether you love the job or not, few people complete their career at only one location. Some find it difficult to be promoted in a timely manner, while others tire of the area/state where they work. And still others will recognize that they can better perform at another workplace. So, the biggest of the career tips for college grads is to learn all you can while you’re at a company and work to your fullest potential while you’re there.

Establish a reference for every place you’ve worked. Even if you hated your job at the pizza parlor while you were paying for school, stay on at least one person’s good side (hopefully a supervisor) so that you can use them as a reference. A good reference can outweigh inexperience if an employer is willing to train you or give you a chance to prove yourself.

Take notes at every job. Write down how to work the cash register, record the process for coding that website, or keep track of how to work certain software programs. You never know when you’ll use a similar program or need to train someone else, so those notes can be extremely valuable in the future. Also, every manager loves to see an employee taking good notes.

While not every career opportunity will be lucrative or successful, these career tips for college grads will help you recognize your own potential without burning bridges or hindering your chances of being hired at another company.