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    You Can Have It All: 3 Tips for Becoming a Paralegal While Holding Down a Job

    Last updated 7 months ago

    A career as a paralegal offers long-term rewards and financial security. With just a bit of higher education, you can be on your way down this exciting career path. For many adults supporting themselves, the thought of fitting paralegal courses into their busy schedules can be rather discouraging. Luckily, with a flexible and professional career school, taking paralegal courses while keeping your current job is easier than ever. Here are some tips for fitting paralegal courses into your current workload:

    • Budget Your Time

    The key to successfully fitting courses into your current job schedule is preparation and planning ahead. Take a look at your schedule so you know exactly how much time you will be able to devote toward training for your new career. Brainstorm ways that you can consolidate obligations and free up blocks of time. Consider what you’re willing and unwilling to sacrifice for your education. Taking paralegal courses while holding a job is going to mean hard work on your part, but having this information planned out ahead of time will help ensure your success.

    • Create an Accommodating Schedule

    With a better idea of your availability, you can now begin planning your class schedule. Explore the many accommodating alternative paralegal course options, such as night classes or courses offered over weekends. If you’ve budgeted time wisely, you’ll know exactly how many credit hours you can fit alongside your existing workload.

    • Develop Efficient Studying Habits

    Juggling school and work means you won’t be able to afford procrastination or slacking. To get the most out of your new paralegal courses, you’ll need to develop efficient studying habits. Every person is different, but you should take some time to determine which studying practices work best for you.

    If you’d like to get in touch with an admissions representative at an accommodating career school that will work with your schedule, call New York Career Institute at (646) 461-6672. Our night and weekend paralegal courses could be the answer to keeping your current job and working toward a rewarding career.

    How to Dress for a Job Interview

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Going in for job interviews is a natural part of a successful career path. However, even the most qualified job applicants often find interviewing to be a nerve-wracking process. Because this will be the first impression your potential employers will have of you, you want to convey the professional qualities that will land you the job.                

    In this video, you can learn some tips that will help you dress for your next job interview. Follow these steps to look your best when you meet your potential employer, and learn the difference between a good impression and a fashion statement.

    If you’re looking for the training and education that will catapult you into a successful career, explore the options offered by New York Career Institute. We specialize in court reporting training, paralegal courses, and medical office specialist training that will prepare you for a job in some of the fastest growing fields today. Call us at (646) 461-6672 to learn more!

    4 Benefits of Working in a Medical Office

    Last updated 7 months ago

    With the healthcare industry experiencing record growth, demand for medical office specialists is higher than ever. Working in a medical office can be a rewarding experience; here are just a few of the many benefits a career in the medical industry has to offer:

    • Job Security

    Despite today’s poor economy, demand for medical office employees remains high. For example, medical billing and coding is a sub-field experiencing massive growth and is desperate for workers. Additionally, all medical offices rely heavily on administrative assistants and medical office specialists to prepare patients for appointments and complete administrative work. With the right credentials and work ethic, you can find a fulfilling career with great economic opportunity.

    • Personal Fulfillment

    Healthcare is a very fulfilling field. As an employee in a medical office, you will take great pride in knowing that you are helping others get well. This is an invaluable benefit of working in a medical office, and you will surely enjoy making personal connections with patients and their families.

    • Excitement

    The healthcare industry is brimming with innovation and change. With the advent of new medicines and technologies, healthcare is constantly adapting in order to bring better results to patients. Being a part of this field can be an exciting opportunity to learn about and use the cutting-edge technology driving modern healthcare.

    • Learning Opportunities

    A medical office is a dynamic work environment in which you will be presented with new problems every day. Being able to learn quickly is an important quality for medical office employees. If you are willing to work hard, you will not only learn a lot, but also prepare yourself for career advancement.

    If you would like to develop the skills necessary to become an administrative medical assistant, medical transcriptionist, or medical biller and coder, call New York Career Institute at (646) 461-6672. We provide a post-secondary educational experience that will prepare you for a rewarding career in one of today’s most exciting fields.

    Never Lose Your Lecture Notes With the Evernote App for iOS

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Having excellent note-taking skills is critical regardless of the course of study you choose to pursue. However, with busy class schedules and extracurricular activities, keeping all of your notes organized can become quite a difficult task.

    With the Evernote App, note-taking is much easier and more productive. Evernote is a useful application that doubles as an organizer. You can do everything from creating a list to storing photos and voice reminders. Notes you input are easily searchable regardless of whether you access them on your smartphone or your computer.

    You’ll be happy you have Evernote when you begin studying to become a court reporter, paralegal, or medical office specialist. If you have any questions about these post-secondary educational opportunities we offer, call New York Career Institute at (917) 267-2728.

    Want To Learn More About Getting Your Career As A Paralegal Or Court Reporter Started? Find Answers Here!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    In our latest blogs, we’ve looked at the responsibilities of court reporters and answered questions about becoming a paralegal. You can find additional information on these topics by exploring the links below. To learn more about the career fields you can pursue with training from New York Career Institute, call our admissions department today at (917) 267-2728.

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